Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fat

Published: 06th July 2009
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The regular American diet is not suitable for our bodies as it is quite acidic in nature. Fat, though in regular amounts helps protect against acidity, but excess acidity can lead towards storage of extra fat in our bodies leading to obesity and chronic pain. This is what a researcher, Dr. Robert O. Young of the Ph Miracle Institute in California believes. He is also of the opinion that making our bodies more alkaline can help lose the excess amount of fat.

Dr. Jon T. Giles, M.D., is a rheumatologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. His research portrays that excess fat causes strain on the joints and it meshes between layers of our muscle leading to chemicals that interfere in muscular function along with reducing quality of the muscles as well. He does not specify what are the chemicals that are produced by fat but he does believe that it leads to increased inflammation.

Author and Dr.Don Colbert M.D., confirms what both researchers state. He has seen a number of patients who have problems with their osteoporosis and are on several medications for their arthritis. By alkalizing their body through alkaline foods and water, their chronic pain has been reduced, their urine's pH has adjusted to 7.5 and they have been able to get rid of the extra medications.

All three researchers in one way or the other, through their research specify that excess fat and related problems melt away when patients increase alkalinity of their body.

Jill Price, of Santa Clarita, Elbert Simms of Aliso Viejo and Bryan Ruiz, of Laguna Beach, California were able to do exactly that by following an alkaline diet. Jill, in just less than one year was able to lose 100 pounds through a vegan diet which is alkaline in nature. She also added exercise to her regular routine and eliminated foods like dairy, eggs an butter. A vegan diet, low in junk food can be quite alkalizing and it helped Jill manage a reasonable weight.

Elbert lost 100 pounds in ten months and also reduced all his medications for the 27 illnesses that he had. He had to take several more medicines for the several side effects he would face from the medication he took for his illnesses. Switching on to an alkaline diet, he was able reduce his weight, eliminate all his medicines and was able to get back to work.

Bryan took alkaline water and started eating a more alkaline diet of less meat and more vegetables. He managed to lose 40 pounds in only 75 days and that too without any exercise. He had more energy and could eat more food than before as well.

Generally people are shy towards changing their dietary pattern but water is essential and they can make a small change in their pattern by drinking alkaline water. A machine called a water ionizer can help produce alkaline water and the pH level can be adjusted according to taste. The minerals in the water become charged and thus it has antioxidant properties since it can act on free radicals and remove them from the blood stream. Jesse Thomas, of Healing Water Machines in Laguna Niguel, California believes that this makes the water a healer as it can help reduce many health problems. This ionized water can extract toxins out of the body and reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. This is one of the most basic steps towards reducing fatty deposits from the body and pulling out toxins which can lead to complications and pain related to rheumatoid arthritis.

By Abdullah Salim and Nedalee Ruiz

Nedalee is the author of The Desperate Parents Handbook

Abdullah and Nedalee recommend Chanson Alkaline Water for more information on alkaline water.

And Healing Water Machines for an impressive selection of water ionizers and unbiased ionizer reviews.

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