Help Restrict Gout with Diet and Alkaline Water

Published: 03rd September 2009
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A gout attack can be quite easily subdued through coffee; however, a longer term solution to effectively treat gout is to learn how to live a healthy life. A gout reducing diet is very important if gout is reduced. These six tips make gout diet planning easier!

There are certain foods that should be eaten and there are those which need to be avoided. For gout prevention, all those foods that produce uric acid in the body need to be eliminated from the diet plan while all those which control the amount of uric acid in the blood need to be eaten more. Foods to avoid include all sort of red meat, organ meat, turkey meat and meat extracts. Alcoholic beverages, yeast and legumes have to be eliminated as well. Some fish including anchovies and herring, and a few vegetables including spinach and asparagus, cauliflower and mushrooms have to be avoided too.

Foods that should be eaten in abundance include complex carbohydrates like cereal and bread, dark berries and other fruits like bananas, oranges and pineapples. Other than that, some vegetables like kale, cabbage and parsley should be included in the diet. Some healthy oils are flaxseed and olive oil. Of course, water, fruit juices, coffee and tea can be taken as staples in a gout free diet plan.

A balanced diet is very important. American Medical Association has stated that proteins should be 15% while fats should be 30% of calories while remaining calories should be complex carbohydrates. Smaller, more frequent meals also help avoid cravings and allow better digestion. Proteins should be limited while complex carbohydrates should be taken instead.

Meal planning can be done to avoid cravings for purine rich foods. When meals are planned ahead, foods can be prepared before any cravings strike. Restaurants and take outs do not have meals that are healthy or help avoid gout. Therefore, it is better to prepare foods at home, plan out meals ahead and not let yourself go hungry for longer periods.

Substitutions can help when eating out. Everybody loves to eat out and in some cases; eating out cannot be avoided like official dinners. Substitution can be done to avoid foods that are on the forbidden list and still manage to tease your taste buds. Restaurants generally allow healthy options through substitution in case when you want to eat any particular types of food, therefore, one should not hesitate to ask if they can provide you with the food of your choice!

The Good Foods:

Garlic Bread

Vegetable salad

Vegetarian entrée

Rice and salmon

Coffee or tea with fruit bowl

The Bad Foods:



Cappuccino and cheesecake.

Recipe creation can be really beneficial if you are sick and tired of eating the same foods over and over again. There are tons of resources available both offline and online to find out recipes and try out some healthy options. Even recipes can be created to avoid unhealthy and purine rich foods. Giving into cravings or skipping meals is not a good idea and new recipes should be given a try.

Alkaline water is the best resource available to remove acidity from the body and remove toxins as an added benefit. Acidity can be neutralized through alkaline water along with removing muscle inflammation as well. Muscle inflammation occurs when crystalline acidic deposits form and settle in the joints. Thus alkalizing is very important as can help keep oneself younger and eliminate the condition of muscle inflammation and gout as well. A good water ionizer is a sound, but cheap investment that can be easily attached to the kitchen tap for some fresh, alkaline water.

Tip 6 - Consume alkaline ionized water. It will neutralize the excess acidity and help wash away toxins that are a result of that acidity. Gout, as I mentioned, is a consequence of crystalline acidic deposits in the joints that cause muscle inflammation, alkalizing yourself preferably with alkaline ionized water or green tea regularly may help eliminate conditions which lead to gout. A good water ionizer should be bought and installed to your kitchen tap. This will ionize and alkalize your otherwise acidic tap water.

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By Abdullah Salim & Nedalee Ruiz

Nedalee is the author of The Desperate Parents Handbook

Abdullah and Nedalee recommend Chanson Alkaline Water for more information on alkaline water.

And Healing Water Machines for an impressive selection of water ionizers.

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