Healthy Shiny Skin with Alkaline Water

Published: 16th July 2009
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There are various ways to a shiny, healthy skin. One of the main ways is to drink lots of water and have a healthy diet, eating nutritious foods.

Nutrition is very important for healthy skin. Foods which are acidic or dairy products can lead to allergic reactions in some people. In some cases, people think chocolates also cause problems like skin allergies. Others think on the contrary. The best way to healthy skin is to follow a nutritious diet that has a significant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables along with fiber.

A body exfoliant is also a good way to polish up skin and create a healthy glow. A good exfoliant like body scrubs and loofahs can help in eliminating dead cells and allow skin to breath. Exfoliants can also help avoid ingrown hair. It should be made sure that body scrubs and exfoliants should only be used on the body and separate exfoliants and body scrubs should be procured for the face as it has more sensitive and fine skin.

Facial care is very important for a healthy skin as well. A healthy beauty regime can do wonders for the skin. Doctors suggest that we should follow a three step process by cleansing, moisturizing and toning the face and neck. Makeup should be removed every evening since the skin needs to eliminate and breathe every night. If makeup is not removed, skin can have a spot break out in the night. To avoid rashes while shaving, shave should be done in the direction of the growth of hair. This can help keep the skin smooth.

Skin care is just not limited to the face and neck. Feet need to be taken care of as well. if a professional pedicure is out of question, a pedicure at home with warm water and essential oils can do wonders. After a soak of fifteen minutes, a rough skin remover can be used and after that a body cream can be applied with drying the feet between each step. Instant pedicure!

Going out in the sun requires that precautions be taken as excessive amount of sunlight can cause sun burn. Sun blocks can only block UVB rays. To avoid UVA rays, we should cover up properly before going out in the sun.

You would think what has a workout to do with good skin. But it does. A healthy diet coupled with a good workout plan keeps the skin healthy and glowing. A good workout results in more oxygen being transported in the body helping in bringing a glow to the skin.

A good night's sleep is also very important. When one is stressed out, our sebaceous glands become overactive as a result of overactive adrenal glands which create more and more testosterone, resulting in oily facial skin and a dry, dehydrated body. Proper sleep of six to eight hours helps rejuvenate the skin.

Above all, we cannot undermine the benefits of drinking water for a healthy skin. It is one the most natural, efficient and free treatments that can help clear the skin and make it healthy. Alkaline water, having a pH level of 7.3 can help prevent dehydration, bring more oxygen into our body cells and clear out the skin's sebaceous glands. Alkaline water has better absorption quality and has more oxygen in it allowing our skin to absorb water, plump up and be properly hydrated. This helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and makes the skin healthier. A proper intake of six to eight glasses of alkaline water daily is the basic requirement for a healthy, shiny, glowing skin.

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By Abdullah Salim and Nedalee Ruiz

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