Gout and its Cure

Published: 16th July 2009
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Gouts are an inflammation of joints caused by excess uric acid in the blood stream. Gouts basically happen when our diet is not nutritious, we are stressed out and do not get enough amount of sleep. Gouts can be a problem in ages 30 to 50 years old, particularly in males. Moreover, gouts can even occur suddenly with severe pain causing skin on the joints to be red and glossy.

Women who are near their menopause generally have a lower amount of uric acid in their blood level but after 50 years of age, they are also prone to gouts as uric acid amount increases in the body.

Gouts are painful and generally attack feet and ankles. If not treated in time, the pain goes away in a week's time but recurrence can happen, though a time period is not definite. It may be years, or just months that gout returns with more severity and affecting several joints. Gout can even become chronic leading to deformities and crippling as well.

The Natural Cure for Gout
Gouts can be treated naturally through making changes in our lifestyle; however, it will take time particularly if our body has accumulated toxins over the years. Our body becomes more efficient when we eliminate toxins and lead it towards natural health.

To naturally cure gout, weight loss and following a healthy diet is extremely important as pressure on the joints and excessive uric acid in the body can lead to the problem of gout. A person who is more than 30 pounds over weight needs to lose weight to be healthy and reduce the risk of gout. Using rapid diets and fad diets are not the right way to lose weight though, since they increase the amount of uric acid in the body which can aggravate the condition of gout. Animal proteins eaten in excessive amounts can also lead to an increase in the uric acid level which is dangerous as it can lead to gouts.

The following step by step plan can be helpful in alleviating the risk of gout and promote natural health:

1. Properly combined food is very important as it helps restore the natural balance of the body and bring it back to health. A diet needs to combine 80% raw foods with 20% protein to bring the body back to natural health. Natural foods like vegetables, grains, fruits, salads and wheat grass are all important for reducing the risk of gout and promoting health.

2. Proteins need to be eaten from non animal sources like legumes, lentils, beans etc. nuts are also good for health like almonds, cashew nuts etc, along with seeds.

3. Food items that have purines in them which need to be avoided. These foods include The foods that contain high levels of purines include organ meat like liver and brain, fish like mackerel and herring, meats like poultry and fish and legumes though legumes have less amount of purines in them.

4. pH balance is also very important as it can help in curing gout. Alkalinity in the body can reduce the amount of uric acid in the body leading to a proper balance in our body.

5. Working out is also important. Properly stretching the limbs can help strengthen the body and works the joints by mobilizing them. Also, working out can help in building endurance and stamina. Proper sports equipment is necessary when working out. Moreover, warm up is important before working out to avoid sports injuries.

6. Alcoholic beverages need to be limited to two for males and one for females as intake of excessive amount of alcohol can lead to increased amount of uric acid in the body aggravating the risk of gout.

7. Drinking proper amount of alkaline ionized water is perhaps the most important as gouts can be cured by drinking enough amount of alkaline ionized water which can reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood by diluting it.

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By Abdullah Salim and Nedalee Ruiz

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