Candida and pH Levels - The Connection

Published: 03rd August 2009
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Potential hydrogen or pH level tells us the acidity or alkalinity level of any substance. People who are acidic or even slightly acidic have a problem and will be more prone to Candida growth. The more the pH level, the more alkaline our body is and that helps in preventing diseases and Candida overgrowth as well.

The candida yeast thrives primarily in an acidic environment and thus having an alkaline state can help promote good health and prevent the problem of candida. Candida overgrowth is promoted by our acidic bodies and this can be recurring if we do not do anything about the acidity in our bodies. Oxygen in our body can help in being healthy and a low pH level can cause illness and diseases. When our bodies are alkaline, candida is kept at bay and healthy bacteria thrive in that environment, helping our immune system as well. Adverse reaction to our health takes place when our bodies become acidic, causing candida which results in penile infections, vaginal discharge and other health issues as well like:

Fatigue, anxiety and depression
Sinusitis, acne, food cravings
Problems with digestion like constipation and other disorders
Low sex drive

Candida becomes a problem especially if it is recurring and happens because of lifestyle choices like bad diet, not having enough sleep or being highly stressed. The candida infection generally is not recurring in nature if it happens because of taking in antibiotics, but a low pH level of the body will cause overgrowth of Candida. A low pH level does not only promote candida growth but other health issues as well, which can be reduced by making healthier lifestyle choices.

pH level can be adjusted primarily through the food and water that we take in. taking in more alkaline foods and lesser acidic foods can help in raising the pH level of the body and thus promote growth of healthy and positive bacteria in our body. Foods like nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and alkaline water all help in raising the pH level of the body. Foods like red meat, processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners need to be eliminated from the diet as well to help live an alkaline, pH balanced life.

How to find the pH level:
The pH level can be very easily found out through the testing kits available at food stores and online as well. alkaline foods and reducing acidic foods all help in creating an alkaline balance in the body, reducing growth of Candida and thus promoting health. The pH level can be tested to find out how much of alkalinity is present in the body, since our pH balance needs to be 7.3 to 7.4 on a scale of 1 to 14.

Drinking Alkaline Water:
Alkaline water is one of the easiest and the fastest ways to alter the pH level of the body. The body requires the nutrients and oxygen that alkaline water has to offer, as it helps in washing away impurities and contaminants from our blood and also lets oxygen be transported to our body faster. Bottled water or distilled water do not offer the same advantages as alkaline water does, as alkaline water is six times more hydrating than regular water along with providing numerous health benefits as well. A good water ionizer can be of immense help in alkalizing ourselves for a healthier life. It produces alkaline water which reduces the problem of candida and eliminates impurities from our body. It improves health, transports oxygen faster in our body, hydrates us quicker and promotes growth of positive bacteria.

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By Abdullah Salim & Nedalee Ruiz

Abdullah and Nedalee recommend Chanson Alkaline Water for more information on how alkaline water helps with several health conditions like Candida.
And Healing Water Machines for an impressive selection of water ionizers.
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