Acid Water Uses

Published: 16th October 2009
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The Sheraton Delfina, located in Santa Monica, California has started using acid water to clean their hotel rooms. Acid water is a cleaning agent that is formed when water is electrolyzed by a low voltage of electricity. Acid water is formed when the ions are converted into sodium hydroxide which then becomes hypochlorous acid. The hotel states that they are saving about $3,500 per month on cleaning agents and chemicals: along with medical expenses of the staff related to illness from usage of harsh chemicals. One of the hotel's housekeepers, Flor Corona, states that this water has helped keep the rooms clean even though the water has no foam and no scent.

Scientists consider acidic water to have the ability to kill anthrax without, causing any harm to people or the environment. Yen-Con Hung is a professor of food science at the University of Georgia-Griffin, he states that the acid water is actually quite safe. And used as a cleaning agent, is up to 10 times more effective than bleach when killing bacteria.

Asian countries have been using ionizer machines that produce acidic water and antioxidant drinking water for over four decades. Health conscious people can benefit greatly from these units, which are called water ionizers in the USA. The water ionizer hooks up on the kitchen tap or cold water pipe and then electrolyzes the tap water. This process makes the water molecules smaller allowing to be absorbed more easily by the body. The water ionizer separates the alkaline ionized water and the acid water. Alkaline ionized water penetrates our cells easier and is instantly absorbed into the body. This water is negatively charged and works as an antioxidant in the body by neutralizing the acidity.

Alkaline ionized water helps the body maintain a pH balance. It provides greater amounts of oxygen to the brain and other areas of the body; furthermore, consumers of the water have found it to be helpful in: making them think better, sleep better and have more energy.

When a water ionizer creates alkaline ionized water, a by-product is produced. This by-product is acidic water, which gets separated at the time of electrolysis. The acid water is not fit for drinking however the water has many other benefits. It is great for the skin if you apply it externally; and can be used as an effective cleaning agent and a disinfectant.

Many call it "the beauty water" because of its benefits for the skin. Acid Water (4.5-6.5pH) can be referred to as "beauty water" because it has so many benefits for the skin; soothe a sunburn, clear up acne, and tone and tighten skin.

A food scientist located in Minnesota installed an ionizer in her laboratory for research purposes. In her research, she discovered that acidic water is actually helpful in killing bacteria and harmful pathogens like E. coli and listeria.

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By Nedalee Ruiz and Abdullah Salim.

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